Shotcut is open source video editing app

Shotcut  Open Source Video Editing Software

Multilingual Open Source Video Editor With 3-Point Editing

Shotcut is professional open source video editing software . It offers powerful features such as 4K resolutions, volume control, video filters, 3-point editing.


Shotcut is an enterprise-level free and open source app for videography. It is a complete package for video editor enthusiasts. It provides support for almost all popular image formats such as BMP, GIF, WebP, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF, and JPEG. There is support available for high resolutions. Moreover, there is a multi-frame timeline in this video editor where users can mix resolutions and frame rates. This video editing app comes up with rich volume controls and audio filters such as balance, bass & treble, fade in fade out, low pass, swap channels, and more.

This free video editing solution provides high-quality 360° video filters and effects. In addition, there is an option to reverse the clips and video compositing across video tracks. As far s the editing of the clips is concerned, it offers easy trimming, cut/copy/paste, append, insert, and undo/redo options. Desktop integration is also enabled where users can drag & drop files. This open source video maker is cross-platform, multilingual, and can run as a portable app from an external drive.

Shotcut comes with a logical interface that can have multiple themes. This video editing app also provides multi-core parallel image processing. This video editor is written in C++, QML, and JavaScript with comprehensive documentation available.

System Requirements

Requirements to set up Shotcut include:


Shotcut offers the following key features:

  • Open Source
  • Multilingual
  • Support For All Popular Image/Video/Audio Formats
  • Webcam capture
  • Audio capture
  • Audio/Video Filters
  • Tone Generator
  • Desktop Integration
  • Cross-Platform
  • 3-Point Editing
  • Control Video Zoom In The Player
  • Video Quality Measurement
  • External Monitoring via Blackmagic
  • Hardware Support

Installation Instructions

Once pre-requisites are in place, open the command line and run and check dependencies are satisfied and various paths correctly set to find different libraries and include files.

Now, build Makefile:

    qmake PREFIX=/usr/local/

Compile shotcut:

    make -j8 

Then, run the following command:

    make install

Finally, run shotcut from a build folder without installing you can make a symbolic link to the qml folder. It depends on where you build folder is, but assuming it is a sibling of the source tree folder:

    cd buildmkdir -p share/shotcutcd share/shotcutln -s ../../../shotcut/src/qml


Is Shotcut good for Youtube?

Yes, It is an open source Video Editor and a great choice for Youtube. Moreover, It is easy to learn and facilitates users with advanced editing features.

Is Shotcut full free?

Shotcut is completely free and anyone can download it. It also provides self-hosting capabilities.

Does Shotcut do 4K?

Yes, this open source video editing software is a free video editor with 4K support.

How do I add a logo to a Shortcut?

Right-click the program or file shortcut. In the pop-up menu, select Properties. Then, on the Shortcut tab, click the Change Icon button. In the Change Icon window, select the icon you want to use.

How much GB is Shotcut?

RAM: At least 4 GB for SD, 8 GB for HD, and 16 GB for 4K.