open source video conferencing software

Video Conferencing Open Source Software

Google Meet Alternatives To Collaborate With Remote Teams

Open source meeting software enables you to establish encrypted video conferencing for business. Invite as many users as you want to communicate and cooperate.

Top Video Conferencing Software Include

 Free Video Conferencing Software Jitsi Meet Jitsi Meet is an open source group chat software. This video collaboration software is WebRTC compatible and offers many features including encrypted multi party video conferencing.
Free Video Conferencing Software BigBlueButton BigBlueButton is an alternative free solution for web conferencing services that offers integrations with popular platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, and more.
Free Video Conferencing Software OpenVidu OpenVidu is an alternative open source web based meeting software. It provides a complete framework to build and host a rich featured video collaboration software.
Free Video Conferencing Software Element Element is an alternative open source software for group chat. It is based on Matrix Network and provides security features and integrations with other chat apps such as Slack.
Free Video Conferencing Software Wire Wire is an alternative open source video conferencing app. It is secure, advanced and comes up with many features such as file sharing, rich chat options, and more.
Free Video Conferencing Software Nextcloud Talk Nextcloud Talk is an alternative open source video conferencing software. It offers screen sharing, whiteboard, user invites, and individual/group video calls.
Free Video Conferencing Software OpenMeetings Apache OpenMeetings is a free and open-source web-based software for presenting online trainings, web conferencing, meeting recording and desktop screen sharing