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Best Open Source Web Server Solution Stack Options

Complete Web and Database Server solution stacks to build Web Applications. Free software used for testing and building web apps on personal computers.

Top Web Server Solution Stacks Include

 Free Web Server Solution Stack XAMPP XAMPP is a free and open-source web server solution stack. It helps developers to test their web apps or websites on their local environment.
Free Web Server Solution Stack NGINX Other then being a web server, NGINX also serve as a reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTP cache. Its known for high scalability, performance and security.
 Web Server Solution Stack Lighttpd Lighttpd is designed and optimized for high performance environments and has much smaller footprint and robust CPU load control as compared to other web servers.
 Web Server Solution Stack Caddy Use Caddy open source web server for TLS certificate renewals, OCSP stapling, content serving, reverse proxying, virtual hosting, markdown rendering and more.
Web Server Solution Stack Tomcat Execute Java servlets and render web pages that include Java server page coding. Apache Tomcat software powers large-scale, mission-critical web applications.
 Web Server Solution Stack Gunicorn Gunicorn is a Python web server gateway interface. It is a fast web server with optimized resource usage and works with a wide variety of web frameworks.