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Darktable Free Photo Editing Software

Open Source Image Editor & Photography Workflow Manager

An open source photo editing application that allows you to manage and develop raw images. It also lets you enhance raw images and manage their database.


Dartktable is a powerful photography workflow management application that can come in handy for both developers and photographers. The application acts like a virtual light table and dark table while providing many features to enhance, refine, develop raw images and more. As an open source image editor application it is free to download and is compatible with many operating systems.

Using Darktable provides photographers with professional color management features and allows photographers and developers to create a pipeline for the editing and refinement of your images. Similarly, as an open source photo editor application application, Darktable doesn’t require technical skills for users to be able to benefit from its features.

The internal architecture of Darktable allows developers to customize and add new modules for image processing. This application has been developed to create high quality outputs without compromising on performance. Darktable’s user interface is simple and easy to user, and provides caching of metadata and mipmaps of the images stores in the database for optimal performance.

System Requirements

While installing Darktable for Ubuntu make sure you have the following system requirements:

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • A non-root user with sudo permissions


Here are some good to know features about the open source photography workflow application, Darktable:

  • Darktable provides a non-destructive editing process where the original image is never modified or quality affected.
  • Due to the OpenCL support in the application the image processing speed is accelerated allowing for fast operations.
  • As an open source photography application, Darktable provides completelt professional color management including built in ICC profile support, along with sRGB, Adobe RGB, and linear colour spaces as well.
  • Darktable has cross platform compatibility and runs on Mac OS, Linux, Windows, and more.
  • The application allows you to filter and sort images through different tags, color labels, image ratings and more.
  • Darktable accepts different image file types including JPEG, NEF, CR2, RAF, and more.
  • You can perform many image operations including setting contrast, brightness, saturation, highlights, shadows, and cropping or rotating images.
  • There are many color image modules that allow the developer to color correct, apply monochrome settings, balance color zones, vibrance and more.
  • Many postprocessing operations like adding watermark, softening images, applying grain filter, framing images, and more artistic operations can be applied with Darktable.


  • Open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run command to add the PPA:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/darktable
  • Run following commands in terminal to install Darktable:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install darktable


What is darktable used for?

Darktable is an open source photo editing software and raw photo development tool that runs only on Linux or OsX. It manages your digital negatives in a database and lets you view them through a lighttable to develop raw images and enhance them.

Is darktable open source?

Yes, darktable is open source and best open source photo editor photography workflow application. Darktable photo editing source code repository is available at Github.

Is darktable free?

Yes, darktable is a free and best free image editing software.

In what language is darktable written?

Dark table software is written in C programming language.

What is Darktable vs Lightroom ?

Darktable is a worthy Lightroom alternative for free use. Darktable open source photography software is a virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. While Lightroom is a powerful tool in Adobe’s photo-editing arsenal and it offers better color editing in any image.