Free Open Source Office Productivity Software

Office Productivity Open Source Software

Best Free and Open Source Office Productivity Software

Streamline your day-to-day office productivity tasks by using the best free and open-source office productivity software.

Top Office Productivity Software Include

Office Productivity Apache Open Office Apache Open Office is one of the good alternatives to Microsoft Office whether you want to work with text documents, spreadsheets, or presentations.
Office Productivity LibreOffice Due to digitalization, the world is going more paperless. Hence the demand for office productivity software has increased as well.
Office Productivity NeoOffice NeoOffice is a 100% free and open-source office productivity suite. This is a great software if you are trying to switch from Microsoft Software but something a little cheaper which is 100% free in this case.
Office Productivity FreeOffice FreeOffice is a full-featured and free version of SoftMaker Office. It’s the best free office alternative. It includes the three main applications required for any office productivity suite.
Office Productivity Calligra Calligra Suite includes Words as Microsoft Word alternative, Sheets as Microsoft Excel alternative, and Stage as Microsoft Powerpoint alternative.