JavaScript-based Most Widely Real-time Commerce Platform

Reaction Marketplace Software

JavaScript-based Most Widely Used Real-time Commerce Platform

Reaction is an open-source real-time commerce platform for small and medium-sized retailers. It is a fully customizable and extendable best eCommerce solution.


Reaction Commerce is the first real-time reactive, fast and completely headless ecommerce open source platform. It is the most popular ecommerce platform, built for the scale and growth of small retailers and brands. Reaction best ecommerce framework is the fastest-growing, scalable open source commerce platform. Reaction is a modular commerce stack made for technical, growth-minded and medium-sized retailers.

Reaction best open source ecommerce (acquired by Mailchimp) is now also called ‎Mailchimp Open Commerce. It is an open-source API-first reactive nodejs ecommerce open source platform and it allows customers to fully customize, extend, remake and deploy an online store or marketplace technology. It is Mailchimp headless commerce software and is built using Node.js, MongoDB, and GraphQL. It works perfectly with npm, Docker and Kubernetes installations. Reaction Commerce open source software has 11.6K GitHub stars and 2.1k GitHub forks.

System Requirements

Requirements to setup ‎Mailchimp ecommerce solution for small business include:

  • Docker
  • Docker Compose
  • GNU Make
  • On Windows: WSL 2 and Docker for WSL
  • GitHub account


Some of the key features of Reaction cloud based ecommerce solution are listed below:

  • A fast, modern and real-time commerce platform
  • Docker based development environment
  • Microservices based architecture
  • Launch and configure with a single CLI command
  • A flexible plugin system
  • Host multiple stores in single installation
  • Flexible products and fulfillment system
  • Inventory and order track management
  • Fully open source

Installation Instructions

Install Reaction On Ubuntu

First, ensure that all the depency packages of Reaction are installed and up to date then please follow the instructions listed below. Clone reaction commerce repository, and then run make command in the reaction-development-platform directory as below:

    git clone
    cd reaction-development-platform

It will take some time to download and start all of the components for the entire Reaction application running on your computer through Docker. Individual services are cloned as child directories and make checks that dependencies are present.

Make clones subprojects from GitHub, downloads Docker images and start all services. Services will be running after the initial make is completed. If the make command fails at some point of setup then you can rerun it for specific service e.g example-storefront using:

    make init-<project-name>
    make init-example-storefront

These are many make commands available in the reaction platform root directory and the development platform runs the latest version of Reaction by default. After the make command completes provisioning the system, you can create a shop manager account on your local development instance, access dashboard, playground, and storefronts.

Next, browse Open Commerce login page interface for administrators and shop managers at localhost:4080. Register your account and configure shops to manage product orders from the Open Commerce admin dashboard. You can visit the GraphQL playground at localhost:3000/graphql. You can also view your Open Commerce storefront built with Next.JS at http://localhost:4000

Congratulations! You have now set up the Reaction Commerce ecommerce software for small business successfully. Enjoy!


What is Reaction Commerce?

Mailchimp Open Commerce(formerly known as Reaction Commerce) is a completely open source JavaScript platform and the headless commerce solution. Reaction is a modular commerce stack designed for technical, growth minded and medium sized retailers.

Is Reaction Commerce open source?

Yes, Reaction commerce is an open source commerce software. Reaction commerce source code repository is available at Github.

Is Reaction Commerce free LMS?

Reaction is a free self-hosted commerce platform and customizable, real-time, commerce solution for businesses.

In what language is Reaction Commerce written?

Mailchimp Open Commerce is written in Javascript programming language.

What are alternatives to Reaction Commerce?

Ghost, Strapi, PencilBlue, ApostropheCMS and Buka are some alternatives to Mailchimp Open Commerce solution.


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