Chaskiq is ruby based open source business marketing management software

Chaskiq Marketing Automation Software

Fully Featured Platform For Messaging, Support and Marketing

Open source embeddable live chat supports video calls, customer support, and sales. It is a business marketing management platform and alternative for Intercom


Chaskiq is a 100% free open source business marketing management platform build as an alternative for Intercom and others. Chaskiq marketing management tool is currently under active development. Chaskiq is a marketing business management platform that enables live chat comunication with users in app or via campaigns in app messages or newsletters. The platform is a sales and marketing management Ruby on Rails app serving a graphql API which is consumed by a React.js application. Chaskiq serves as the front line of advertising and sales management.

Chaskiq is a fully featured marketing and management software that enables chat communication with your site’s visitors , either registered users or anonymous. Chaskiq international marketing management tool has embeddable live chat supporting video calls and integration with third party API for conversations. Chaskiq marketing business management application has minimal dependences, Postgres, Redis and interoperates with cdn providers like Amazon s3 and Amazon SES for email campaigns. Chaskiq is an open source tool with 103 GitHub stars and 7 GitHub forks.

System Requirements

Chaskiq is built for the next 10 years of the Internet so in order to install Chaskiq marketing business management software, you’ll need to install some dependencies and prerequisites:

  • Ruby 2.7.2
  • Rails
  • ruby-build
  • rbenv
  • PostgreSQL
  • React.js
  • SQLite
  • Redis
  • Puma
  • Bundler
  • ImageMagick
  • SublimeText / RubyMine
  • Git


Some of the great list of features of Chaskiq business marketing are listed below:

  • Online Gantt charts
  • Customer Segment Filters
  • Text chat
  • Video Calls
  • Custom attributes support
  • Web Messenger embed
  • Embeddable WebChat
  • Dashboard panel
  • Mailing campaigns
  • Agents conversation
  • CRM integration
  • API support
  • Triggerable conversational bots
  • Onboarding tours
  • Configurable Data protection
  • API integrations
  • Help Center
  • Webhooks
  • Help Center
  • Quick replies
  • Multilanguage support
  • Open Source


Install Chaskiq on Ubuntu

Chaskiq marketing management software is easy to setup and get started. To get started with Chaskiq on Ubuntu quickly, configure and setup Rails development environment with the necessary dependencies packages by running this script in terminal:

    bash <(wget -qO-

First clone the Chaskiq repository in ~/chaskiq folder:

    git clone ~/chaskiq

Create role with the same name as your ubuntu system username:

    sudo -u postgres createuser -s "$USER"

Switch to your Chaskiq folder and Install the needed gems

    cd ~/chaskiq
    bundle install

Now that you have successfully configured database connection, run these commands:

    bundle exec rake db:create 
    bundle exec rake db:schema:load
    bundle exec rake db:seed
    RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake db:test:clone

Now, try running the specs tests:

    bundle exec rake rspec

Start rails server available only on localhost

    bundle exec rails server

You should now be able to connect to chaskiq business management app on http://localhost:3000 - try it out. To create a new admin, run the following command:

    RAILS_ENV=development bundle exec rake admin_generator

Follow the prompts, and a new admin account will be created. If you want to set up a Chaskiq marketing business for production use, see our Chaskiq Installation Guide.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Chaskiq business marketing tool. Enjoy!


What is Chaskiq used for?

Chaskiq is an open source and full featured live chat, support and marketing platform. It is an alternative to Intercom, Drift and Crisp marketing business management platform.

Is Chaskiq free?

Yes, Chaskiq is free to use and download live chat comunication platform for you and your company under AGPLv3 License terms.

Is Chaskiq open source?

Yes, Chaskiq is an open source platform empowers the communication of support, sales and marketing teams with their valuable customers. Chaskiq source code repository is available at Github.

In what language is Chaskiq written?

Chaskiq self hosted platform is written in TypeScript and Ruby on Rails application framework.

What are some alternatives to Chaskiq?

The most popular best alternatives and competitors to Chaskiq open source conversational marketing are HubSpot,, LiveChat, Zopim and Freshdesk.


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