Marketing Automation Open Source Software

Best Free and Open Source Marketing Automation Software Options

Automate email marketing, content marketing and other marketing activities. Empower marketers to analyze lead and grow business to next level.

Top Marketing Automation Platforms Include

Marketing Automation Software Mautic Mautic is an open source marketing software platform that gives a high level of marketing integration with audience intelligence that enables you to make personalized emails and much more.
Marketing Automation Software CiviCRM CiviCRM is a constituent relationship management software (CRM) that allows you to own your own CMS, integrate into Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla.
Marketing Automation Software SuiteCRM Boost your sales team skills to increase sales, engage customers and build relationships with Free CMS Software. It is a powerful alternative to Salesforce.
Marketing Automation Software EspoCRM Open source marketing technology for marketing campaigns, lead generation and sales management. It supports integration with MailChimp, Binotel and Twilio.
Marketing Automation Software   fatfreecrm FatFreeCRM provides management of corporate information such as customer contacts, customer accounts, sales leads, and sales opportunities. 
Marketing Automation Software Chaskiq Chaskiq is open source fully featured business marketing management Platform for sales, customer support and marketing.