open source patient record system

Hospitalrun  Free Healthcare Software

An Award-Winning Offline Enabled Medical Information System

HospitalRun is highly rated free HIS with flexible user experience. Automate your patient registrations, appointments and customize billing system, and more.


HospitalRun is a free open source hospital information management system. It comes up with both online and offline versions. It is easy to use with an enterprise-level user interface. There is a complete system of syncing records with remote clinics. Moreover, this free software is capable enough to be deployed with the least resources. Further, it provides an intuitive user experience for admins and clinicians. Users can manage the inventory of medicine, and patients records such as patients visits, assessments, and medication in this patient record system.

This hospital information system software offers complete diagnostic management and custom report generation module. Above all, it gives provision to manage accidental and emergency cases and when there is patient discharge time, medical professionals can leverage the discharge automation feature. In addition to that, this patient information system lets users integrate laboratories so that patient’s health records can be shared.

HospitalRun is completely written in JavaScript with complete documentation regarding development and deployment. The front end and back end code repositories of this patient record system are also available to host.

System Requirements

Requirements to set up Hospitalrun include:

  • Docker


Hospitalrun features include:

  • Open Source
  • Users Management
  • Flexible
  • Lab-Integration
  • Self-Hosted
  • Drug Management
  • Customized Billing System
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Patient Discharge System
  • Patient Records Management
  • Appointment Scheduling

Installation Instructions

Firstly, download the source code from this link.

After that, run the following command:

    cd genericcd server

Then, change password on row 8,9 of `conf/` and password on row 7 of config-demo.js.

Now, run the following command:

    docker-compose build && docker-compose up

Finally, access the patient record system in the browser at http://youripaddress:80 .