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Trending Open Source Medical Records Management Systems

Healthcare Solution provides support for both patient and hospital management. Boost up health care services by employing a free medical automation system. 

Top Healthcare Technologies Include

 Free Healthcare Software OpenEMR OpenEMR is an enterprise-level open source health information software. It is ONC certified and comes up with promising features such as e-Prescribing, Lab Integration and more.
 Free Healthcare Software OpenMRS OpenMRS is another alternative open source hospital information management system. It is flexible and provides powerful features such as role-based permissions, embedded patient workflows, and support for multiple languages.
 Free Healthcare Software Hospitalrun Hospitalrun is another alternative open source patient record system. It automates many of the important processes such as scheduling appointments, billing management, medical records management and many more.
 Free Healthcare Software Open Hospital Open Hospital is another alternative open source patient portal solution. It is multilingual, secure and provides RESTful interface with many other features such as patients visits, registeration and medicines.
 Free Healthcare Software Solismed Solismed is another alternative free and open source medical record management system. It is reliable and offers many features such as drug stock control, customizations with an intelligent user interface.
 Free Healthcare Software FreeMED FreeMED is another alternative free and open source medical software. It provides HL7 interface along with other powerful features such as patient scheduling, document management and more.