Godot is an Open Source free game creation platform for building cross platform games

Godot  Free Game Development Software

3D Game Maker With A Node-Based Interface And REST API

Godot is a 3D game designer with a simple interface and persistent live editing capabilities. It is lightweight, robust, supports animations and sound effects.


Godot is a rich-featured open source game-making platform for building cross platform games. It provides full support for creating 2D, 3D objects. There is a node-based architecture for building games where users can create and connect various nodes depending upon the desires scenes. The whole ecosystem is developer-friendly with a live coding experience and users can create plugins for needed functionality. Further, it offers high definition graphics with the support of MSAA and FXAA. There is the capability of pre-baking the graphics for low-end devices.

This free online 3d game maker incorporates beautiful effects that include tonemapper. It supports HDR, auto exposure, bloom. and screen-space reflections. Moreover, it supports a kinematic controller for collision detection. This free 3d game maker works on all popular platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS either 32-bit or 64-bit. It is secure, robust, and easy to set up on local or cloud servers. Above all, it provides REST API for third-party integrations.

Godot is written in C++. In addition, this open source game editor has its own scripting language named GDScript that is used to build animated cross platform games. However, there is detailed documentation available regarding development and deployment.

System Requirements

Requirements to setup Godot include:

  • Python 3.5+.
  • Git
  • SCons 3.0+
  • Xcode


Godot offers the following key features:

  • Open Source
  • Self-Hosted
  • Secure
  • 2D,3D Support
  • Node-Based Architecture
  • Animations
  • Cross-Platform
  • Export Options
  • Extensible
  • Visual Scripting
  • Drag & drop UI
  • Robust

Installation Instructions

Once all the pre-requisites are installed, run the following command in the terminal to clone the source code:

    git clone https://github.com/godotengine/godot.git

After that, go to the root directory of the engine source code and run the following command to compile for Intel (x86-64) powered Macs:

    scons platform=osx arch=x86_64 --jobs=$(sysctl -n hw.logicalcpu)

Run the following command to compile for Apple Silicon (ARM64) powered Macs:

    scons platform=osx arch=arm64 --jobs=$(sysctl -n hw.logicalcpu)

Then, run the following command:

    lipo -create bin/godot.osx.tools.x86_64 bin/godot.osx.tools.arm64 -output bin/godot.osx.tools.universal

Finally, find the executable binary in to the bin/ subdirectory.