free 3D game creation software for building cross platform games

Cocos Creator  Free Game Development Software

Powerful Scripted Cross Platform Open Source Gaming Software

Start video game development with Cocos Creator. It provides editor extensions, skeletal animation, asset management, 3D effects, and real-time game preview.


Cocos Creator is a free open source 3D game creation software for a video game design platform. It offers extensions for the editor along with many other features. This free HTML5 game engine comes with self-hosting capabilities. Moreover, it is a component-based, scripted, data-driven game creation platform with versatile game effects. Then, there is a real-time game preview and debugging provisions for the game developers. Further, it offers easy plugin integration for needed functionalities. This designer-friendly tool is easy to use and efficient. In fact, the back-end comes up with multi-rendering capabilities and support for various platforms such as WebGL 1.0, Metal, and WebGL 2.0.

This free open source game making software provides HDR rendering and GPU-driven skeletal animation. Above all, Cocos Creator has a very optimized engine for 2D, 3D video games with the support for TiledMap, DragonBones, Spine, and more. In addition, this free game editor lets users build games for all platforms such as IOS, Android, Web, Windows, and macOS. After that, this game development framework offers a straight mechanism for updating any game.

This 3D game creation software is written in TypeScript and JavaScript. Further, it is secure, robust, and highly customizable. Therefore, there is complete documentation available regarding development and deployment.

System Requirements

Requirements to setup Cocos Creator include:

  • Gulp-cli v2.3.0 +
  • Node.js v9.11.2 +
  • git


Cocos Creator offers the following key features:

  • Open Source
  • Secure
  • 3D Scene Editor
  • Extensible
  • Component-Based
  • Real-Time Preview
  • Pluggins
  • Cross-Platform Games
  • Material System
  • Asset Management

Installation Instructions

Once all the pre-requisites are installed, run the following command in the terminal to clone the source code:

    git clone

After that, run the following commands to install the dependencies:

    cd engine
    npm install

Now, run the following command to make build:

    npm run build

Then, run the application by running the following command:

    npm run server

Finally, access the application into the browser at this address


What is Cocos creator?

Coco creator is an open source 3D game creation software. It is scripted platform with many powerful features such as real-time preview, asset management and more.

What is Cocos creator used for?

This free gaming software is used to build 2D & 3D games using TypeScript.

Is Cocos creator open source?

In fact, this free game editor is open source and comes with self-hosting capabilities.

Can I use C++ in Cocos creator?

Yes, if you are a C++ developer, you can develop games in Cocos creator.

Does Cocos2d support Python?

No, it is not supported.