CovidVolunteers is ruby based open source virtual volunteer opportunities software

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Organizing and matching volunteers with COVID-19 projects

Open source online volunteering platform to help you successfully manage your COVID-19 related online projects and book a time with community active volunteers.


CovidVolunteers is an virtual volunteering platform to organize volunteers for COVID-19 related projects. CovidVolunteers virtual volunteer opportunities service helps you successfully manage your COVID-19 related projects and you can book a time with community service opportunities active volunteers. CovidVolunteers volunteer services help in volunteering for one of active virtual volunteer opportunities and how projects bring people together and the progress they made. CovidVolunteers helped healthcare to find the resources and volunteer opportunities near me.

CovidVolunteers or HWC community is the most valuable asset on the internet right now and it has the intellectual value that can beat COVID-19. It’s an amazing thing to watch and it helped me to search places to volunteer near me. The beauty of CovidVolunteers platform is that a majority of the tasks volunteers need to complete due to remote learning. If you want quick help with something then book a time with CovidVolunteers community virtual volunteering for healthcare volunteer opportunities near me. If you have only 10-20 minutes available to help out then make yourself available to the community to complete various online projects.

System Requirements

In order to install CovidVolunteers online volunteering platform, you’ll need to install following dependencies and prerequisites:

  • ruby 2.6.3
  • ruby on rails 6.0.3
  • tailwind CSS
  • postgres
  • puma 4.3
  • redis
  • S3 file storage
  • bundler 2.1.4
  • rbenv
  • SublimeText / RubyMine
  • Git


Some of the great list of features of CovidVolunteers software are listed below:

  • Volunteers
  • Projects Categories
  • Record Live Panels
  • Resources
  • Find Projects
  • Office Hours
  • Success Stories
  • Volunteer Account
  • Community
  • Open Source


Install CovidVolunteers on Ubuntu

CovidVolunteers virtual volunteering service is easy to setup and get started. To get started with covid volunteer services on Ubuntu quickly, configure and setup Rails development environment with the necessary dependencies packages. Install dependencies:

    bundle install
    yarn install

Now first clone the covid-volunteers repository in ~/covid-volunteers folder:

    git clone covid-volunteers

Setup the database and seed data:

    rails db:setup

Now, try running the specs tests:

    bundle exec rails spec

Make sure rubocop is happy by running

    bundle exec rubocop

The following environment variables can be set:


Start rails server available only on localhost:

    rails server

You should now be able to connect to covid volunteer opportunities app on http://localhost:3000 to view app.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed covid volunteer organization. Enjoy!


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