Ruby based open source professional developer community for software developers

Coderwall Free Forum Software

Ruby Based Professional Network for Software Developers.

Coderwall is open source collaborative learning platform used by programmers to learn the latest projects development and design tips from developer community.


Coderwall is a professional network for software engineers and described as ‘Where developers come to meet’. Coderwall is developer community website in the Development category used by nearly half a million developers each month to learn and share programming tips. Coderwall community helps developers to unlock and share new tech skills. Coderwall connects with others fellow community experts, such as developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Get inspired by amazing teams in tech community, what they’re building, and problems they’re solving every day.

Coderwall web developer community helps in learning from the tec experts about the latest programming languages, tools and technologies or share your own pro tip and get feedback from thousands of developers community worldwide. Discover Coderwall brilliant engineering teams, how they’re solving interesting challenges, receive the best new developer tips and even find your next dream job. You can post your job on coderwall to find more developers. You can even share new tricks you’ve learned, add code samples to fix a bug and add a comment or additional context to kick start a discussion.

System Requirements

Coderwall collaborative learning platform is built from the following components and in order to install coderwall open source web developer community tool, you’ll need to install following dependency packages:

  • Rails 5.0.2
  • Ruby 2.4.0
  • ElasticSearch
  • PostgreSQL
  • Letsencrypt_plugin
  • Redis
  • Haml
  • Bundler
  • RubyMine editor
  • Git


Some of the great list of features of coderwall developer community are listed below:

  • Job Notifications
  • Post a job
  • Editable tags
  • Post a New Tip
  • Markdowns
  • Hire programmers
  • Achievements
  • Find a job
  • Accept credit cards
  • Monitor Activity
  • Reviews
  • Open Source


Install Coderwall on Heroku

Coderwall collaborative learning platform is easy to setup and get started. To get started with coderwall web developer forum on heroku quickly, configure and setup Rails development environment with the necessary dependencies packages. Now first clone the coderwall programmer community repository in ~/coderwall folder:

    git clone coderwall
    cd coderwall

Now, run the bundler in project directory:

    bundle install --without production

Create the database and run migrations:

    rake db:create db:migrate

Create environment variables file:

    cp .env.sample .env

Kick up a server with foreman(or heroku local) running at localhost:5000

    bundle exec foreman start

The following environment variables can be set:


Congratulations! You have successfully installed coderwall web developer community tool. Enjoy!


What is coderwall used for?

Coderwall is an open source collaborative learning platform for software developers to improve and learn the latest development and design technologies.

Is coderwall free?

Yes, coderwall is free to use and download professional network for software developers.

Is coderwall open source?

Yes, coderwall is an open source collaborative learning software for software engineers. Coderwall source code repository is available at Github.

In what language is coderwall written?

Coderwall developer community tool is written in Ruby programming language.

What are the top competitors of coderwall?

Jobxoom, FoundValue Incorporated and Paxton Consultants are top competitors of coderwall.


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