Ceph is open source self-hosted software defined storage.

Ceph Free Backup and Sync Software

Python & C++ Based High-performance Storage Software

Ceph is an open source distributed object, block, and software defined storage. It is fully featured high performance and reliable distributed file storage.


Ceph is an open source distributed object, block, and software storage application. It implements object scalable distributed storage on a single distributed computer cluster and provides 3-in-1 interfaces for objects, blocks and file based storage under one whole system. Open source Ceph file system CephFS is a robust, fully featured POSIX-compliant distributed file system. CephFS service with snapshots, quotas, and multi-cluster mirroring capabilities. CephFS files are distributed across objects stored by Ceph for high scale and performance.

Ceph is a widely used high performance distributed and open source storage platform. It is reliable and scalable storage designed for any business organization. The Ceph free distributed file system provides an interface for object, block, and file level cloud storage. Ceph is designed to provide a distributed cloud storage system without a single point of failure. Ceph installations and management can be very challenging and tricky. Open source Ceph software has 9.4K GitHub stars and 4.4 GitHub forks.

System Requirements

Requirements to setup Ceph open source sds include:

  • Python 3
  • Systemd
  • Time synchronization
  • Git


Some of the key features of Ceph distributed file system are listed below:

  • Block storage thin provisioning
  • Read and writes
  • Atomic transactions
  • Erasure coding for data protection
  • Snapshot history
  • cloning and layering support
  • POSIX file system semantics support
  • Object level key value mappings
  • Open Source


Install Ceph On Ubuntu

This guide explains how to setup and run Ceph on Ubuntu. Below installation steps assume that all the depency packages of Ceph software defined storage solution are installed and up to date on your system. For Debian and Ubuntu distributions, please follow the below installing ceph steps. First, add the release key:

    wget -q -O- 'https://download.ceph.com/keys/release.asc' | sudo apt-key add -

Next, add the Ceph packages to your repository. Use the command below and replace {ceph-stable-release} with a stable Ceph release like:

    echo deb https://download.ceph.com/debian-{ceph-stable-release}/ $(lsb_release -sc) main | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ceph.list

Update your repository and install ceph-deploy:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install ceph-deploy

To clone the Ceph source code repository, run command:

    git clone --recursive https://github.com/ceph/ceph.git
    cd ceph

Once git clone is completed, you should have a full copy of the Ceph code repository. Ceph contains many git submodules that need to be checked out with command:

    git submodule update --init --recursive

Before you can build Ceph source code, you need to install several libraries and tools by:


Ceph sds storage is built using cmake. To build Ceph, navigate to your cloned Ceph repository and execute the following command:

    cd ceph
    cd build

To build a complete source tarball with everything needed and to build from source, build a deb or rpm package:


That’s it. Congratulations! You have successfully installed deployed Ceph storage cluster on Ubuntu. Enjoy!


What is Ceph used for?

Ceph is software defined storage open source software. It is highly scalable object, block and file-based storage under ceph single node system and it simplifies access to distributed file storage system.

Is Ceph free?

Ceph is an open source distributed object store and file system which is free to use. When it comes to open source, Ceph is safe self-hosted cloud storage solution and sds software defined storage.

Is Ceph open source?

Yes, Ceph is an open source and secure sds storage. The source code of Ceph application is available at Github.

What kind of storage is CEPH?

Ceph is an open-source software-defined storage platform. It implements object storage on a single distributed ceph cluster and provides 3-in-1 interfaces for object, block and file level storage.

How secure is Ceph?

Ceph is highly reliable, easy to manage, and open source sds. Ceph delivers excellent performance, reliability, and scalability to thousands of clients.