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OpenToonz Free Animation Software

Free 2D Animation Software For Beginners And Commerical Use

Opentooz is a beginner friendly open source 2D animation software. It allows users to create 2D animations for small as well as commercial projects.


Developed by Dwango Opnetoonz is one of the most beginner friendly 2d animation software that can really help coming animators create beautiful 2D animations and sketches. Opentoonz has been used by some popular animation studios such as Studio Ghibli and Rough Draft Studios. It is open source, free to download for both small projects and commercial films, and anyone can modify the source code to fit their requirements.

Studio Ghibli has created a scanning tool using Opentooz called GTS that allows sequence number scanning for efficient animation scanning in different colors such as Black and white, color, with or without binarization. Opentoonz also provides many other plugins for to apply different effects such as SDK that allow animators to completely alter animations, tweak color, distortion and more.

Overall, while using Opentoonz the interface is easy to navigate, and the developers for the animation software have provided many manuals so that animators can master the application quickly. Opentoonz is also compatible with different operating systems including Windows and Mac OS, system requirements are mentioned below.

System Requirements

While installing OpenToonz for Ubuntu make sure you have the following system requirements:

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • A non-root user with sudo permissions


Here are some good to know features about this open source animation software:

  • Opentoonz can be used to create animations with multiple effects using the SDK plugin provided by the developers. You can change picture styles by overlapping images to create a new image.
  • The animation application allows you to change the incident light on your animations by using the Affected Incident Light Effect.
  • Animators can also create a wavy distortion animation for a more detailed 2D animation.
  • As Opentoonz is open source, it allows you to create new function to meet the on-site demands of any commercial project. The GTS scanning tool was created by Studio Ghibli to bridge the gap between scanning different colored scans without any issue.
  • Opentoonz has its application in different animation projects for commercial use, school events, professional production, amateur production and more.


  • Open terminal and update your local server’s package index by typing following command:
sudo apt-get update -y
  • Run following command in terminal to install OpenToonz:
sudo snap install opentoonz


In this article we have discussed OpenToonz’s overview and features that makes it one of the best 2D animation software for beginners. To learn about other best free animation software, please check following pages: