Open Source Software Products for Every Business Function

Leverage free open source software to automate all business functions from marketing to sales. Facilitate executives build right business growth strategies.


Content Management Unleash the strategic power of open source web content management software - be it a single website or multilingual sites across desktop and smart devices.

Blogging Use blogging platforms to broadcast and interact with your audience electronically across the globe. Share and discuss your views with rest of the world.

Discussion Forum A discussion platform where participants post responses and engage in virtual, asynchronous discussions. Encourage audience to participate and build community.

Helpdesk A helpdesk organizes customer communication with tickets. Grow customer satisfaction by systematic issue tracking and quick responses.

Marketing Automation Automate email marketing, content marketing and other marketing activities. Empower marketers to analyze lead and grow business to next level.

Marketplace An online marketplace is an  virtual shopping center where vendors can come together to sell their products or services. Online marketplaces are the primary type of multichannel ecommerce and can be a way to streamline the production process.

Live Chat Facilitate your customer service representative provide online customer support. Improve customer satisfaction level with online live chat on pain points.

Form Create survey, feedback and any other forms to capture classified information. Know your customers better by letting them speak in one on one conversation.

Transactional Email Create your own transactional email service. Notify users by sending templated emails on events like account creation, password resets, purchase receipts etc.

Newsletter Modern email marketing software provide tools to automate mailing lists and schedule newsletter. Improve success rate with builtin analytics tools.

Status Page StatusPage software is a communication tool that helps you inform users about outages and scheduled maintenance. Reduce downtime with StatusPage Software.

Invoicing Invoicing software generates invoices for services or products, and keeps track of cash flow. Improve finance management with automated book keeping processes.

Single Sign-On Set up centralized authentication server for multiple trusted applications. Control all organizational apps access and users management from one place. 

Project Management Project management software helps you to plan projects, schedule tasks, manage teams, resource allocation, issue tracking, and change management.

Rapid Application Development A Rapid Application Development framework provides full-stack architecture and RAD tools to accelerate and streamline the development process.

Social Network Platforms Open source social network platforms provide social tools along with powerful features to control and develop public/private spaces for teams and customers.

Shopping Cart Modern open source shopping cart software helps companies to setup their online presence. Enhance remote business at a large scale and improve sales.

Open Source Version Control Version control system helps keep track of changes done by the software team and allows multiple resource to work simultaneously on single project.

Web Server Solution Stack Complete Web and Database Server solution stacks to build Web Applications. Free software used for testing and building web apps on personal computers.

Database Management Database management tool is basically a management console or an interface used by developers to interact with and manage databases.

Video Conferencing Open source meeting software enables you to establish encrypted video conferencing for business. Invite as many users as you want to communicate and cooperate.

Blockchain Platforms Blockchain is a distributed infrastructure technology and it provides a decentralized ledger to record the transactions that take place across the network.

CMDB Software Configuration management database software (CMDB) provides a platform to track hardrware, software pyramid of your business and better asset management.

Game Development Software Free game design software to start building games for Android, IOS and Web. Install open source game development platform and contribute to the gaming community.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates all departments for managing business processes from single site.

Video Editing Software Open source video maker produces relevant and engaging content for business. Video marketing has become a must-have component of effective marketing strategies..

Database Management Systems A database management system (DBMS) is a software package designed to define, manipulate, retrieve and manage data in a database.

Office Productivity Office Productivity software is an alternative software to Microsoft Office.

Healthcare Software Healthcare Solution provides support for both patient and hospital management. Boost up health care services by employing a free medical automation system. 

Deployment Tools Automate development workflow with free deployment tools and remove manual errors. Choose right tool for your needs and quickly Build, test, & deploy projects.

Business Intelligence Software Business Intelligence Software provides an infrastructure to give data insights and business analytics. Upgrade your business strategy with BI software. 

Password Management Password managers allow users to store passwords safely, share credentials across the team securely and easily login into various apps using master password.

Animation Software Animation software allows to generate moving graphics. These tools allow to animate 2D or 3D generated graphics with option to add music or other effects.

DevOps Tools Top DevOps tools bring development and operations teams together by combining software development and IT operations. It focuses on constant service delivery.

Photo Editing Software Photo editors are the advanced image editing tools that follow the sophisticated algorithms to edit and manipulate existing pictures into brand new photos.

Big Data Hadoop is a free and open source big data tool that helps companies to analyze variety of complex data sets and perform faster data processing.

Backup and Sync Software Protect and secure your organization or business data with data loss prevention open source cloud storage. Backup and collaborate on your content from any device

Digital Forensic Software Digital forensics software is to perform an investigation and maintain a documented evidence to preserve it from an it system for presentation in a court of law.

Message Queue Software Message queue (MQ) software is used to provide asynchronous protocols to communicate remotely and at different times. A message queue (MQ) allows data communications to flow between various services and applications within a system.

Security Multi purpose security/vulnerability/risk scanning tools supporting Ruby and other languages with many safe defaults. Continuously and automatically find & fix vulnerabilities in your applications. Get started with Containerize Team today!